First Post

This is my first post of the blog, which will be about my experience throughout my years at Bournemouth University. This will be professionally presented and dedicated to all aspects related to my course (Digital Media Design), both assigned and freelance work. I’m looking forward to developing my skills in various fields of digital media and learning new and appealing information that will vastly help me in my future aspirations after graduation.

The Induction week is going smoothly, getting to meet the lecturers who are all very helpful and friendly. We’ve been given ‘icebreaking’ tasks in our course to help get to know each other, such as a group task to take pictures of us all in different locations around Bournemouth (and Poole). The further we travel the more points we would obtain, we then have to create a small presentation of all of the photos we took and designed into a collage.

I’m currently really enjoying meeting new people around the University, whether they’re in my group, course or accommodation. I personally agree with the quote “You can never have too many friends”, I just wish I could remember everyones name! Everyone seems to have a strong enthusiasm and passion for this course, which has made me eager to finish with freshers and get stuck into this first academic year.


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