Induction Task

With the first week coming to an end and the month of October approaching fast, the initial introduction to each class has finally finished. We are now being eased into more minor assignments that will test our individual skills, slowly getting us used to getting into typing essays again after summer (which have to be in a Harvard style format). We’ve been given a task in one of our ‘concept and ideation’ lectures to take 26 pictures of each different letter of the alphabet. These letters have to be found and represented by nature or as examples that we’ve been shown; from buildings etc. We have been given the choice to work in a pair and share the workload or by yourself, which I believe I will do, so i can get it completed without any complication in my own time. There could be a theme to the project if chosen, as well as it being made into a neat collage on Photoshop as a final piece. I also completed another task on our list, which I had to go out and buy a A4 size sketch book (that i purchased from WHSmith’s) and created an in-depth mind map of my expectations throughout the three years I will be studying on this course.

During the week a handful of my group (D) met up in Bournemouth and for our task we took pictures from Boscombe Pier to Bournemouth Balloon to the train station by Asda. The following day we all attended university we got more of our group together and took two more photographs outside of Poole House (BU main entrance). As well as Talbot House, which is unfortunately having reconstruction work in the front steps, therefore our picture couldn’t show the entire main entrance. I personally enjoyed working together with my group (those who attended) and organising ‘meet-ups’ using social media and other forms of communication.

I created the end collage of the images we collected together in five different locations around Bournemouth. It’s a rough Photoshop creation that took no longer than five minutes, this was made for a brief presentation among our group. I feel that if we wanted to win (this goes to all groups), we could of put the effort in to all attend and perhaps visited a few more locations which in the long-run would of given us the edge on our competition with points. But this task was mostly used as an ‘ice-breaker’ to get to know one another during the initial induction week, as now we have more creative tasks that we all are working on separately.


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