Task 1 – Photo Design

During my busy week I found the time and set out with the mindset to take all of my pictures of anything that would resemble a letter in the alphabet. I cropped all of my images to the same width and height so they would fit perfectly into the black square backgrounds i made for all of my pictures, as I aim to make my poster as professionally looking as i could. During a night spent with many of my house-mates watching a film together in the lounge I decided to design my poster and in this stress free environment I managed to create something I can be proud of. The background image was an extra picture i took at the beach, which I thought would work well with my fun-loving theme. To add the final touches I used the ‘outer glow’ feature to vaguely add a white glowing cloud behind my pictures and font to make them stand out, perhaps I overused this, but I can only learn by attempting and failing, especially in the first year.

Portraitphotogram_Moholy-Nagy4Before attempting this task I went through some basic research, to get a feel for how this has been done in the past by different photographers. I first took a look at a Hungarian photographer named László Moholy-Nagy who was also a professor in the infamous Bauhaus art school in Germany. His theory of art and teaching is summed up in the book The New Vision, from Material to Architecture. He experimented with the photographic process of exposing light sensitive paper with objects overlain on top of it, called photogram.
Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 15.34.29
I then was shown to this website http://www.alphabetphotography.co.uk/
which allowed the user to type in any word (I used my surname) to generate it using various pictures that you can refresh of objects or scenery representing each letter. Using this as inspiration I set out and took all of my pictures using different techniques to get the best final image of each letter I can. Some of the letters I had to take into consideration the ‘rule of thirds’ to get the object perfectly central or at an angle. Even thinking about the colours, if they contrasted with the texture of the background making it harder to visualise and finally my background portrait of the beach with a ruler straight sea line as if it was taken professionally on an actual camera and not a phone.

Here is my final product post-editing all the pictures together into a poster using Adobe Photoshop CS6:
Alphabet Collage
All my photos were taking in portrait opposed to landscape as it was specifically mentioned in the assignment brief, which i followed carefully. As i worked on my own, i found it hard to find all of my images around the same area that shared thematic consistencies. Though my pictures were all taken in my day-to-day areas ranging from the University campus, beach, town centre and my accommodation. I feel that my theme personally represents the life of a student living in Bournemouth and the pictures are attempting to encourage the friendly and inviting aura that comes with it. I’m very happy with my results from this task, and enjoyed doing the research that went along with it, I will be looking forward to completing my next task, which will have me using a professional camera instead of my iPhone 5s.


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