Task 3 – Animation

With our third task being set around animation we were introduced to the history and to zoetropes. The basic drum shaped zoetrope was invented around the early 1800s and produced the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion. I personally learned about my first zoetrope was in 2008 when the world record was set for a 10-meter wide, 10 metric ton sized version in Italy that featured 64 images of the footballer Kaká, this was to promote Sony’s new motion interpolation technology.
During our lesson we all had an attempt at drawing our own animation on a strip of card that the same length as the circumference of the rim that we span to test if it worked correctly.MyZoetrope
doghoopI chose to take inspiration from a similar zoetrope to this with a woman continually having two dogs jump through a hoop that she’s confidently holding. Instead of copying it and learning nothing I felt that for my first attempt and drawing a zoetrope I should give my own interpretation of this and use opposite objectification i.e. black/white, male/female, dog/cat. Therefore I had a man with two large cats leaping through the hoop he was holding. Personally I wish I coloured my pictures and outline it in pen to make it stand out more and giving definition.

Here lies my animation once placed together onto Adobe Photoshop and saved as a GIF file. It continuously shows my still drawings become life-like and move smoothly within a loop.


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