My First Website

I used a program called Brackets for the first time to create my first website. This was a great experience and something I am eager to learn more of in the future.
-SSdgxzoS_70QHWssJqjvkurRvToKEcNa-vmKwPpC_g Jrgixd-Bl3W4YJWzgVv2cMuhb2KAR48MuP4iMTVLXjQ zBAiF0E11tOXD0lHz7VNlN9f_m_Zq9CdKiIwxmIfvkEHere I learnt how to structure my coding, giving the index.html an anatomy, for example a head (header) and a body. We all uploaded our randomly generating circles onto the website, which made it very interactive when clicking the cursor. I appreciated how organised and neat you have to keep the files, folders and the coding so that you don’t get confused. As you always want to be in control when creating something so vast as a fully formatted website.


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