Shortly after my constructive seminar with Liam, I decided to sit down and think about and develop all the ideas that have been circling my brain regarding the 1000 word (& 500 word annotated bibliography) diagnostic essay. I have decided between two media types that I would discussing in depth, about their audiences and what genre it lies in.

IMG_05891Blog – Emilie Voe
A blog is a diary, Anne Frank had a Diary – Different conventions and relations. This is a Norwegian blog, which can be translated to English, mention the various audiences with passive and active arguments.jack-lemmon-amongst-band-ladies-in-some-like-it-hotFilm – Some Like It Hot
Late 1950s version of White Chicks, a cliche genre is a generic convention. The last black and white film that Marilyn Monroe starred in. This film was made before time slicing.