We finally chose to base our website around students and the nightlife in Bournemouth, while highlighting the various unique deals each location offers. As a group we created rough templates of what we envisioned our web-pages to look like. It was advised we should do this last, though as it was only a quick messy, free-handed representation to give us an idea and then we’ll leave time at the end to polish.

Next on our list is to begin coding the initial structure for the back-end (MySQL & PHP) and then the front-end (HTML5 & CSS3).Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 16.57.04


Group Meeting

Today all three of our group members attended a meeting, discussing various ideas and collaborating thoughts to progress our interactive website.  We brainstormed many great ideas, therefore it took us a while to all agree on one to base our website upon.

Participatory Culture

Online wikipedias is a quick and easy way to gain information on any subject, item or person. They all have the ability to be freely edited and added to by anyone with access to the Internet, therefore everything written can’t always be believed. But the majority of the information is correct and there for everyones benefit. An example below is a specific wiki for the game franchise “Grand Theft Auto” which covers everything from missions to (what I decided to help edit) cars.Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 13.36.00