Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

We were introduced to vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator as well as a PC alternative program called InkScape. I personally get along with Adobe products far more (even though I own both formats).
Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 13.05.40 Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 20.07.38
I got used to different ways to create perfectly symmetrical lines via various tools. Some were harder to get used to than others, though with practice around the Starbucks logo I was able to create a quick doll with different shaped edges.



We were all given our usernames and passwords for a hosting program called FileZilla. This was a great learning curve going from HTML to PHP coding, with knowledge about both it will help me vastly in the future.Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 16.47.40
Passing over folders containing PHP information into the FileZilla hosting files was remarkably easy to get used to, as once you replace the previous PHP file it will automatically change it live to the existing website.

Adobe After Effects Tutorial

We created a simplistic image of a pattern with different colour on Photoshop, then brought it into After Effects with the ability to reproduce the image multiple times slowly rotating around in a clock-wise position. These were the results:
I then got taught to create the illusion that a still image is moving. This was done by creating fake snow falling down across the picture while the camera pans from one side to the other.

This was also the first video I had uploaded onto my blog, which I had to create my own Vimeo account for.

Reading week

This free week without University I found a perfect time to use productively and for my second developing arguments written essay I had to beforehand go without all types of media technology for 24 hours. Therefore I used my free days within the week to write my diary, which will be needed to be attached as an appendix.

I found those 24 hours extremely difficult, but comparing it with a day with full media usage it was extremely interesting. I’ve ben starting to research and prepare for the various references and knowledge I will need before “putting pen to paper”.

My First Website

I used a program called Brackets for the first time to create my first website. This was a great experience and something I am eager to learn more of in the future.
-SSdgxzoS_70QHWssJqjvkurRvToKEcNa-vmKwPpC_g Jrgixd-Bl3W4YJWzgVv2cMuhb2KAR48MuP4iMTVLXjQ zBAiF0E11tOXD0lHz7VNlN9f_m_Zq9CdKiIwxmIfvkEHere I learnt how to structure my coding, giving the index.html an anatomy, for example a head (header) and a body. We all uploaded our randomly generating circles onto the website, which made it very interactive when clicking the cursor. I appreciated how organised and neat you have to keep the files, folders and the coding so that you don’t get confused. As you always want to be in control when creating something so vast as a fully formatted website.

Student Rep

Today for the first time (yes a Saturday..) I went into the EBC (Executive Business Centre) on Holdenhurst road, which conveniently is a stones throw to where I live. The reason I went there was for my student rep training, this took approximately 3 hours with various different sessions I had to attend. They helped me to learn how to persuade students like myself to fill out a feedback survey on the SUBU website, and how it makes a different to everyones experience while studying at Bournemouth University. Myself and other student reps from all over the University (Media school, Sci-Fi, Business & Tourism) had short ice breaking tasks, where working in groups was essential to get the most from the experience.
We all took a group photo with all those who got involved (#PurpleArmy) with everyone wearing our new hoodies given out during the break with coffee and biscuits. I found how everyone is so friendly and helpful, it kind of rubs off on yourself, pushing you into a selfless direction of helping others in your group/course/university. It also gave me the confidence to get involved in other extra-circular activities such as sports that I wasn’t sure on joining due to not knowing anyone.
This is a picture of me listening to the second workshop of the day called “SOS Uncovered”, in which we all analysed the results recovered from a student survey and filter through to the important and reoccurring topics that people had concern with i.e. lesson postponing should be announced in good time.